Here at Palm Beach Toyota, we don't ever want you to have to choose between taking your stuff or taking your friends when you get into your Toyota to go on an adventure, whether that's around the streets of West Palm Beach or around the country, and neither does Yakima, a company that designs and manufacturers top quality car roof racks and carriers. Yakima feels that every adventure out on the open road creates shared experiences and memories that last a lifetime, so they handle storing your gear, so you can free up space in your vehicle for more friends to create more memories. So, nationally, Toyota is partnering with Yakima to help their customers enjoy their Toyota ownership even more than they already do. Equipping your Toyota vehicle with a Yakima rack means that you never again have to choose between bringing an extra friend or an extra bag.

Since 1979, Yakima has been designing, testing, and making roof and trunk racks. These racks are made for just about every occasion, and any packing scenario. Started in the Pacific Northwest, Yakima is familiar with a variety of terrain styles and types of driving. Each and every rack is precisely customized for every vehicle. This ensures that Yakima's systems are all secure and streamlined. They integrate with every Toyota model beautifully, from the Yaris to the Tundra. And to make the experience even better. The new partnership means that you can come down to our dealership and buy your custom Yakima rack. And have it installed right here, at Palm Beach Toyota.