Shoppers near West Palm Beach can sell their trade and get cash. We have a free Kelley Blue Book® trade-in form that helps you get a fair and accurate appraisal. You can then either apply your trade-in value to your deal or sell your car for cash. Our team currently seeks out used cars to fix, recondition, and add to our inventory. We will buy your old car even if you do not buy it from our dealership. Sell us your car today and start shopping at Palm Beach Toyota. You will find us on South Congress Ave in West Palm Beach, FL.

How to Use Our Free Trade-In Form

To get your KBB trade-in value, first enter all the details about your car. The form will need the vehicle's year, make, model, and trim. After you provide this information, the form should fill in details about the engine, transmission, and drivetrain right away. You will also need to enter the odometer mileage and your zip code. From there, you can select your vehicle's color and provide info about its extra features. The form will recognize the trim level and should have all its standard features checked off. However, if you added any accessories or modifications, you should make a note of it.

After you fill out the form, you will receive a certificate with your vehicle's current market value. You will then have the option to sell or trade-in your car. If you opt to trade, you can use the Penske Preferred Purchase to apply the value to your deal. You can also combine this trade with other financing offers to see how much you will save. However, if you wish, you can also sell the car for cash. Our dealership buys used cars, and we will pay you whether or not you buy from our store.

Get Your Estimate Today

We invite you to get a free estimate for your trade-in with our KBB form. After you receive your certificate, you will have a week to decide to sell or trade. You can visit us in West Palm Beach, FL, for an in-person appraisal. Sell us your trade today and shop with Palm Beach Toyota!