2020 Toyota Highlander Safety: Know What It Means

The 2020 Toyota Highlander has safety features that you should not take for granted. It is packed with many more of these features than what you will find from other vehicles made in the same year. Let us take a look at a couple quickly.

Anti-Lock Brakes - The vehicle will sense when the brakes have been applied in an extreme measure, and it will go into action to make it remain possible to change direction by turning the wheel even as that extreme braking is underway. This is huge because it can save a person from potentially colliding with another vehicle or animal.

Overhead Airbags - These are useful in protecting the occupant's head in the event that the vehicle is struck from the side or that it is involved in a rollover accident. You can never be too safe as there is no way to know for sure how danger will strike.


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