Our Toyota service center in West Palm Beach, FL, remains open for your maintenance needs! Shoppers can schedule a service visit online and request a pickup if you live within 10 minutes of our dealership. Your Toyota needs routine maintenance to help it last a long time. Even during isolation periods, we want to help you give your car the care it deserves. You can schedule an appointment with us online or over the phone. Drop your car off at curbside and enjoy contact-free service in West Palm Beach, FL. You will find our Toyota service center on-location here at our dealership. You can find Palm Beach Toyota located on South Congress in West Palm Beach, FL.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

Our guests often ask us if it's safe to bring their car on for service. We take all the necessary steps to ensure you can get your car maintained in a healthy atmosphere. Our technicians keep all areas of human contact, clean and sanitized. This cleaning includes workstations and frequent handwashing. We advise any mechanics who are sick to stay home to help flatten the curve. We also stay up-to-date with the latest releases of local health officials and the CDC.

If you live within 10 minutes of Palm beach Toyota, you can opt for a home pickup for service. We'll come out and pick up your car, dropping it back off when service is complete. If we need to hold it overnight, we'll let you know when everything's finished. If you do not live within the pickup range, we offer curbside pickup when you arrive. Bring your Toyota to us, leave it outside the store, and we'll take it in for you. Curbside pickup ensures we maintain a safe and contact-free service environment.

Schedule an Appointment Today

We invite shoppers throughout Florida to visit Palm Beach Toyota for service. You will find technicians committed to your safety and the health of your Toyota. Schedule an appointment and remember to stay healthy and safe!