The new Toyota 4Runner is a marvelous work-of-art when it comes to automotive ingenuity. This popular mid-size SUV has extreme amounts of horsepower, plenty of torque and exceptional traction via a four-wheel-drive system. Check out some of the exterior features below.

The new Toyota 4Runner sports large windows that do a great job of framing the vehicle perfectly while providing exceptional views. Of course, this SUV's front fascia is intricately designed with a modern flare. Chrome is the weapon of choice as this material is wrapped around the front grille as well as draped over the door handles. Consumers can choose from a number of exterior colors, such as blizzard pearl, super white, magnetic gray and nautical blue. In addition to that, the 4Runner comes in three trim levels, including the SR5, SR5 Premium and Limited.

The new Toyota 4Runner is a looker, and you're welcome to stop by our showroom for a personal viewing.

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