The Toyota Camry has long been one of America's favorite cars. It's a stylish, practical sedan. With great gas mileage and solid design, the Camry can go almost anywhere and do almost everything. Some of its greatest features are found in its exterior.

The Toyota Camry has a new, athletic silhouette. It conveys that there's real power under the hood. This sleek exterior is also highly functional. Its aerodynamic contours reduce drag and improve overall performance. The grille is a great statement piece. It looks tough and authoritative. But it's also designed to cool the engine incredibly efficiently. LED technology means that headlights and fog lights are more powerful than ever before while taking up less space.

To understand the impact of the Camry's exterior design, you need to see it in person. Stop in at Palm Beach Toyota in West Palm Beach, FL. We'd love to show you the Toyota Camry and even put you behind the wheel.

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